Customer Feedbacks

ceyhun keskin

We received "Interviewing Methods Training" from Mr. Coşkun back in 27-28 March 2014. 30 executives involving department managers and deputies. I accompanied them during these 2 days.

Training gave our managers to learn how to do interviews scientifically. Until now, they did interviews based on previous experiences. Trainer Mr. Coşkun ensured the training to be lasting by making it possible for participants to find out their errors by themselves. He also guided them throughout the training. He has a good command of subject and his group guidence is excellent.

He contributed to my team in interviewing methods. Thank you.


"Before starting to take coaching from Ali Coşkun, as my career was in a transitional period, I was perplexed about what to do. I was caught in future plans, goals and what to risk. Beforehand, I always passed this period superficially. After being an advisee, I had to take this period in a more concious and profound state. Every moment I felt the contribution of coaching. It was over my expectations. I had never been able to evaluate myself and my requests this deeply before. Contribution of Ali Coşkun's coaching is not momentary. It's permanent. I recommend anyone who has expectations in career and goal coaching to have this service. Thanks to Ali Coşkun for his cheerful support and contribution."

Emre Özdoğan, Research and Development Manager, EROĞLU GİYİM

Esra Turker

I met Ali Coşkun while I was working in a Executive Search company as a Senior Consultant. After many years, we came together while I was working for SOLGAR and NAVITA as HR Director. We took some service needed in my company from AIM Human Resources Consultancy, Coaching and Training Services. As of year 2013, AIM never kept its support back in my needs both individually and corporative. With their sincere approach and HR knowhow they contributed and added value to our company. Thanks Ali Coşkun and his company AIM for their support.

Esra Türker, SOLGAR and NAVITA, HR Director

Fırat Taraktaş

"I met Ali Coşkun at an event about coaching. He gave me information about my upcoming mentoring experience and shared his knowhow on how to manage mentor-mentee communication. He really helped me to explore my self awarness and reveal my desires by myself. Within a short time span and during the very first coaching session I realized that I set my expectations very net. Nowadays I plan what I need to do to reach my goals. This happened thanks to Ali Coşkun. He made me feel very secured and peaceful and created an environment where I felt the ability to transfer my ideas into actions.

First of all I'd like to Ali Coşkun for expanding my horizon and introducing me coaching profession."

Fırat Taraktaş, Software Specialist / Development Engineer @ Siemens

Hüseyin Muratoğlu

What really impressed me was that the most critical info and topics which we can not explain for days were really illustrated by AIM Consultation in a short time span with detailed applications and practices. I’m really amazed to see how easy to learn them and applicable. With trainer's inducing attendees to participate at a high level and with everyone's being in line with the topics and that all of our managers talking about the training really explains the impact of the training, I believe. Based on earnings of these trainings, we’ll be working with AIM Consultancy in 2016 for our other trainings. I’d like to thank AIM Consultancy for their contribution on behalf of MAPA Clutch.

Hüseyin Muratoğlu, MA-PA Machine Components Industry, HR Director


"Our team doubled in the last 10 years. So we needed critical exercises in HR process and give some thought to motivation, increase of sales force and direct relations with customer subjects. In order to provide high quality service to our customers and to learn work efficiently as a team by guiding our field force of 40 personnels we received support from AIM Human Resources Consultancy, Coaching and Training Services. Ali Coşkun's sincere and professional approach to our training as the program leader really did add value to our team and provided a two-weekend training process which was really entertaining. Mr. Coşkun shared his experiences and his know-how throughout the training. He realized Doğan Sigorta team's most beneficial and entertaining training sessions. "

Selcen Gür, DOĞAN SİGORTA, Vice President of BOD

kezban akdag

“With the help of coaching service that I received from AIM Consultancy and Mr. Coşkun I explored my strong sides and what I want to do and how to realize them. After these, I draw my road map. I'm really pleased to have a coach to share my personal and business life problems. These problems, sometimes, turned into real issues. I'm really thankful to Ali Coşkun for helping me take a different approach to issues and realize the unseen and produce more positive solutions.”

Kezban Akdağ, WOW İstanbul Hotels & Convention Center, Public Information Coordinator

Mehmet Kurt

"After knowing Ali Coşkun and perceiving his life perspective expanded my horizon. I took advantage of his know-how. I think our friendship will last forever. I wish him luck and success.

Best regards"

Mehmet Kurt, Akbank T.A.Ş., Aksaray - Istanbul Branch Manager

Cemal Karayormuk

During my HR manager position at Türkiye Finans and Fibabank I had to chance to work with Ali Coşkun and his company AIM Consultation. We organized personal development and HR trainings for all of our branch managers and general directorate employees. AIM Consultation, with its professional and customer-oriented approach and their content-practice harmony of experiences, became one of our critical solution partners.

Cemal Karayormuk, HR Manager of FIBABANK and Türkiye Finans


"Applied Interviewing Techniques", a training given by AIM Consultancy co-founder Ali Coşkun was highly interactive. Practices during the training were directly applicable to real life. This was a sign of that the training reached its goal. I believe the training's contribution lasts forever both to my own career and my company.

Ferhan Helvacı, ERGO Insurance, Organizational Development Sr. Expert

dilek aydin

14 blue-collar employee managers participated in pır "ensuring correct relations" training on 15 December 2012 which we organized in benefit of blue-coller workers. With both theoretical and practical applications the training revealed our managers' missing sides. Training continued with Q&A session. Participant interest was really high. We're really thankful to Ali COŞKUN and AIM Consulting

Dilek Aydın, TEKSAN JENERATÖR, HR Manager

Serdar Ayırtman

"During our implementation of corporal identity to our companies we had the chance to work with AIM Consulting company. With his guidance with the awarenes of importance of HR, Ali Coşkun contributed a lot to our inaugural setup of HR department. Şti. Yönetiminde, 2007 yılında şirketlerimizde kurumsal kimliğin yerleşmesine hız verdiğimiz programımızda İnsan Kaynakları’ nın en önemli faktör olduğunun bilincini bize tecrübeleriyle gösteren, verdiği koçluk ve eğitimlerle katkıda bulunan ve şirketimizde ilk Insan Kaynakları departmanının oluşumunu sağlayarak her zaman her konuda bilgisini ve deneyimini esirgemeden bizlere sunan Sayın Ali COŞKUN’ a teşekkür ederiz."

Serdar Ayırtman, CEO, CATONI Group

İbrahim Erinan

During 2012-2013 years, we receieved consultation from AIM Consulting company. With their know-how and professional approach, they contributed a lot in means of operation and managerial aspects. With sincere wishes to work together in next years.

İbrahim Erinan, C.F.O, REGNUM Group of Companies

aylin sarialioglu

I was thinking that, at the start of our coaching program, my 2 years of break to business life would be badly affact the process.

It was very depressing to be both anxious and sure of myself at the same time. At the first session I was very excited about what coaching will bring to me. At the second session I felt the need to review my decisions. At the third sessions I started to feel what seemed negative to me was only a interpretation of my inner-world. Seansta acaba nasıl gelişmeler olacak, bu koçluk bana neler katacak heyecanı, 2. Seansta yerini kararlarımı tekrar gözden geçirme ihtiyacı duydururken 3. Seansta, gerçekte ters giden yada olumsuz görünen noktaların sadece benim iç dünyamdaki yorumlamalardan kaynaklandığını hissetmeye başladım. At the very last session I started to learn turning my negative thoughts to positive ones instead of combatting with them.

My best awarness during these coaching sessions was to find out that negative sides of mine was not an obstacle to find an employment. Even, they were things that give me strength and may be I shouldn't get rid of them completely. They were really consuming me.

Eventually, I understood that if the best career chances came up to me, I wouldn't enjoy them if I weren't at peace with myself. The more I show tolerance to myself the more I can be tolerant to the world.

Aylin Sarıalioğlu, HR Manager of HERTZ and Vizyon Communication

Ali Cemil Dicleli

We had to chance to work with AIM Consultation in 2014 for our classification grades and performance management system projects.

Ali Coşkun's expertize in HR domain, his know-how and experience guided us to complete our projects with success and relevant to our objectives.

Ali Coşkun informed us about up-to-date HR practices during our 3 months of project.

We thank to Ali Coşkun as ETF Textile for his precious contributions to our critical blue and white-collar worker projects.

We're really looking forward to work with Ali Coşkun again.

Ahmet Cemil Dicleli, HR and Social Convenience Director of ETF Textile

As ESA Technics Industrial Plants and Corporate Solutions, we met AIM Consultancy during our 2015-2016 reorganization. In accordance with our Integrated Management System and as well as shared evaluations, we developed a 4-phase training plan. This plan consisted participation of all of our employees. First two of these training were "Communication Techniques & Relationship Management" and "Team Building & Team Consciousness". Site engineers and the field force of ours (nearly 30 employees) received these training.We're really happy to and complete first two phases and receive feedbacks such as "when we are going to see such training" were ecstatic. These two trainings fit for purpose and they were highly motivating for our employees. In our opinion, the most notable difference of AIM Consultancy and Co-Founder & Trainer Ali Coşkun from other consultants and training firms is providing awareness that we wished for and exemplifies what we go through as a sector, what we experience in the field and directly telling stories from the same culture and structure. This know-how really guides our employees. We look forward to working together with AIM Consultancy in 2016 for our last two training phases.

Güzide Başaran, ESA Technics Industrial Plants and Corporate Solutions, CHRO and Quality Manager