HR, Labor Law and Quality Management Consultation

Main Topics:

a) Consultation on Labour Law No. 4857

b) OHSAS 18001 Quality Management System consultancy and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (Licencing process may be included)

c) Consultancy on HR applications (Beside OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001, our experts on modern HR applications may provide consultancy on location in parallel with your corporation's requirements to structure or revive your HR system or process.

d) Procurement of a full-time HR Specialist (An specialist will be provided with at least 3 years of experience on modern HR applications and capable of taking on labor law and quality tasks who will report to the CEO)

e) Besides employment of a full-time HR Generalist dedicated to your company, a company represantative will visit for general HR processes. For Quality Management process, a quality lead auditor consultant from our company will be assigned within the scope of the project.

HR Consultancy subtopics:

  • Setting up human resources infrastructure according to predetermined needs.
  • Setting up salary and performance system
  • Job Definitions
  • Workflow diagram
  • Procedures
  • Work instructions
  • Forms
  • Required lists
  • Quality Handbook
  • HR Handbook
  • OHSAS Handbook
  • Other documents that may be needed
  • General HR Processes System and Management Consultation
  • This service consists; A:creating and editing needed documents and training for personal development and alike monthly. B: Providing consultation service with a personnel on the spot and full time for Company's operational HR needs' (except for pay roll).

LABOR LAW Subtopics:

Labour and social security laws are becoming harder and harder everyday with Turkish labor law no. 4857 and No. 5510 Social Security Law and other new laws. Indeed, Social Security Law and Labor Law No. 4857 is the most important management tool of companies which regulates the personnel affairs and helps personnel work effectively. Personnel affairs, rights and salary of personnel, working hours and overworking issues are regulated within the frame of this labor law. Companies face less problem as they place more importance on these issues.

AIM Human Resources Consultancy, Coaching and Training Services helps you in managing employee-employer relations, setting correct systems for conflict solving and managing labour and social security issues with HR department.

We provide two basic consultation service on this point:

  1. Labor Law Consultation
  2. Social Security Law Consultation

We assist and provide consultation and know-how on ensuring flawless operation of Social Security Institution (SSI) and Ministry of Labor relations, preventing problems before outbreak and solving legal problems before outgrowth.

Subtopics of these services are;

  1. Consulting on personnel management and related employment legislation. Within the scope of consultation:
  2. Precautions and practices of labor law at the company.
  3. Setting up efficient documentation system and employee personal files
  4. Solving employee-employer problems.
  5. Precautions to take during probation and evaluation period
  6. Preparation of business contracts and implementation.
  7. Consultation of before and after personnel lawsuits.
  8. Solving overtime and overtime pays problems.
  9. Preparation and implementation of regulations, discipline regulations and orientation.
  10. Preparation of salary and payroll in accordance with laws and problem solving.
  11. Preparation of leave-of-employment procedures and documentation.
  12. Creation of personel files about job security and implementation of reemployment decisions.
  13. 13. Recruitment of personel, working period and leave.

And consultation on other related topics.