Compensation and Salary Management Consultation

Because of variable Turkish economy situations, compensation and salary management consultation became extremly important. Our consultation helps in: - Remuneration to be set fairly - Determining of benefits and wages according to employee's competency and experience.

Salary Management set-up is based on objective fundamentals. Thus, this aproach matters ensuring in wage fairness inside and outside of the company. Concordantly, this consultation contributes to management of main elements of career management system, performance evaluation system, human resources and training by revealing personnel's career plans and aims clearly.

AIM Human Resources Consultancy, Coaching and Training Services helps you at this point with these services;

  1. Set-up of Compensation System
  2. Creating a Grading System
  3. Creating employee-position match and job families.
  4. Determining position size and task scopes
  5. Researching market wage levels according to job positions.