Carreer and Performance Management Consultancy

AIM Human Resources Consultancy, Coaching and Training Services begins to create custom and optimal performance and carrer management system with analyzing company's present structure. Afterwards, AIM evaluates the results with management consultants to make these results more productive and feasable. Eventually, AIM presents the report to the company and begins to determine a road map along with the company.

In Performance and Carreer Management, our main principe is to set up an evaluation system along with company's own vision, values and principles to determine criteria. We build the structure using management tools involving pre-agreed systematical feedback, aims, remuneration and performance standarts. Starting point of our performance-based set-up is to support the application by determining actions to take for getting to the point needed, managing performance and managing sustainable development to increase profitability.


AIM Human Resources Consultancy, Coaching and Training Services systematises these functions and offers consultancy and training services. The reason behind this is to ensure companies to make the maximum profit of their employees. - Carreer Planning - Talent management -Career Map -Appointment -Promotion -Rotation -In house recruitment system set-up -Coaching -In house carreer consultancy

By this means we offer our customers to:

  1. Identify employees' training needs
  2. Gathering information on personnel carreer expectations
  3. Distinguishing high-performance employees from others
  4. Observing employee relations
  5. Determining problems and finding solutions
  6. Determining potantial executive candidates
  7. Gathering information to taking measures for improving productivity
  8. To determine open to improvement aspects of employees'
  9. To determine personnels' strong and weak aspects.

With our Performance and Carreer Management applications;

Benefits for workers

Benefits for executives

Benefits for organisation

Caters workers to be "spotted" and "known" by superiors.

Encourages employees to take responsibilities.

Ensures peer-to-peer communication with superiors.

Helps employees to steer strongs aspects to the right direction.

Helps employees' carreer management development.

Strengthens executives' communication with subordinates.

Helps determining properly high-performance workers to be rewarded.

Helps executives to know colleagues better and allows a better assignment.

Helps executives to do coaching more efficiently.

Increases personal productivity of executives.

Strengthens team work.

Helps executives evaluate own performance.

Ensures announcing aims and objectives clearly.

Forms the basis to management reporting and information system.

Helps building healthy and strong communications.

Increases organisational productivity.

Makes percentage of organisation's goal achievement trackable by other departments.

Forms an infrastructure for appoinment, transfer, salary increase and other decisions in human resources.

Provides input for determinening training and developlement needs in the organisation.

Helps audition of human resources system